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The Mind's Eye Collection by Christopher Hull

About the Artist

Christopher Hull specialises in creating exquisitly stylised art, where detail and composition combine to form absorbing images. Unorthodox composition, intricate style, meticulous technique, symbols and emblems characterise his art.

About the Mind's Eye Collection

Chris's unique work demonstrates individual style encased by unflinching attention to detail. His work is held in private collections, where it invariably becomes a talking point. This has prompted him to release his first collection to the public consisting of four identically sized pieces culminating in the largest piece entitled Volcarne.
Chris says, 'the collection illustrates the technical aspects of my work, meticulous dotting and pressure marking. Close examination reveals the intricacies in each piece, that build my compositions. I create works where my finished image is not wholly predetermined, I like my work to reveal itself.'

About the original work

Original medium graphite pencil on 160gsm acid free pastel paper

Original dimensions 305mm x 406mm

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